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PRONIC has been innovating for more than 30 years to offer you optimal performance with reliable, robust solutions and premium service.

We are your single point of contact for all your In-Die tapping and insertion projects!

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Why insert a fastener or tap In the Die ?

It reduces production costs: the finished part comes off the stamping process and therefore does not require a second operation
Reduction in logistics requirements: no additional storage between the press and the secondary operation
Reduction of resources: less workforce and special machines (sorting, rework) needed to finish the part
Stability and repeatability of the production process: no hazards, all operations take place in-die without interference. The manufacturing process is controlled and always identical
Guarantee of stable and controlled quality: each part is automatically validated
Increased know-how and technical expertise: your reputation is enhanced

Why with Pronic

  • Reusability in multiple tools
  • Customized solutions
  • Optimization of your production process: make the most of every press stroke

Your business applications

With its world-renowned expertise, in more than 40 countries, our solutions are aimed at the automotive including electro-mobility, electrical, building and household appliance sectors.

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PRONIC guarantees a reactive and dedicated before and after sales service wherever you are in the world. Engineers and technicians are at your disposal to guide you

  • to the most appropriate solution to your needs
  • in the resolution of perilous situations.

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